Kenya  2007
Kenya 2009

All our products suitable for the east african market are sorted in coorperation with our present customers from this area. Changes in codes or qualities can be done on demand of the customers


CBRH Heavy Cotton Baby Rummage 45
LCCR Light Cotton Children  Rummage 45
CTS CH/T-Shirts 45
CHCP Children Cotton/Jeans Pants 150
MRUM Medium Rummage 45
CH/ANN CH Annorak Jackets 45
MJP Men Jean Pants 100
MTP Men Tergal Pants 100
MWP Men Wool Pants 100
MCP Men Cotton Pants 100
MCORDP Men Cordroy Pants 100
SPORT Sport Pants and Jackets 45
SOCKS Socks 45
SHO Shorts 45
MS Men Shirts L/S S/S 230
MJ Men Jackets 45
ZIP Zipper Jackets 45
ANN Anorak Jackets 45
M.SUITS Men Suits 40
AD/SW Adult Sweaters 45
AD/SW/SH Adult Sweatshirts 45
MTS Men T-Shirts S/S 45
FLEECE Fleece shirts L/S 45
HSH Flannel, Jeans, Corduroy Shirts 200
TIES Neck Ties 45
LLJ Ladies Light Fashion Jackets 45
BRA Braziers 45
LPSB Ladies Poly Silk Blouses 45
LPSD Ladies Poly Silk Dresses 45
LPSSK Ladies Poly Silk Skirts 45
LCB Ladies Cotton Blouses 45
LCD Ladies Cotton Dresses 45
LCSK Ladies Cotton Skirts 45
SRH Ladies Tergal Skirts 45
L/T-SH Ladies T-Shirts S/S 45
UW Underwear 45
SW Swim Wear 45
LP Ladies Pants 200
LPODR Ladies Polo Dess 45
LPOSK Ladies Polo Skirts 45
LAD 2 PC Ladies 2 pc Suits 45
BL Blankets 45
L HHR Light HHR 45
COMFORTERS Comforters 45
HHR Heavy HHR 45
LNC Light Net Curtains 45
BELT Belts 45
HB Hand Bags 45
LDM Ladies Fashion Denim Mix 45
SHOES Mixed Shoes 25
CANVAS Textiles Shoes 25

In cooperation with SGS inspection we are able to send you a full inspection report. We also supply a Desinfection and a Health Certificate as requirered by your Bureau of Standarts.