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All our products suitable for the west african market are sorted in coorperation with our present customers from this area. Changes in codes or qualities can be done on demand of the customer.

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CODE Ladies Clothing KG./PC.
BL Cotton Blouses 55 kg.
SBL Silk Blouses 55 kg.
SJ Synthetic Dresses 55 kg.
SR Synthetic Skirts 55 kg.
KJ Cotton Dresses 55 kg.
KR Cotton Skirts 55 kg.
SRH light tergl skirts 55 kg.
SJH heavy synthetic dress 55 kg.
NG Cotton Night Gown 55 kg.
NK Nylon 55 kg.
BH Braissers 55 kg.
LADY JKTS S light weight ladies jackets 55 kg.
SILK SC Silk Scarves 55 kg.
SPR Jeans Skirts 55 kg.
L/POLO cotton ladies polo 55 kg.
CLP Cotton Pants 200 pc.
CODE Men's Clothing KG./PC.
WPE Woolen Pants 100 pc.
MBK Cotton Pants 200 pc.
MJP Jeans pants 100 pc.
OML Men shirts long sleeves 400 pc.
OMS Men shirts short sleeves 400 pc.
CP Corduroy Pants 100 pc.
PYJ Pyama's 55 kg.
ZIP M Zipper Jackets 100 pc.
ANN Annorack 75 pc.
M SUITS Men Suits 40 pc.
CODE Children Clothing KG./PC.
CBR Cotton Rummage 55 kg.
KP Cotton Child. Polo 55 kg.
JB Cotton Boy's Pants 200 pc.
CH BP Children Pants 55 kg.
CODE Miscellaneous KG./PC.
PO Cotton Polo/T-Shirt 55 kg.
SP Cotton polo/no sleeves 55 kg.
SHO Original Shorts 55 kg.
SHO JEANS Jeans shorts 55 kg.
ZS Swimmimg Trunks 55 kg.
TR Training 55 kg.
SW/PANTS jogging pants 55 kg.
SOCKS Socks 55 kg.
BELTS Belts 55 kg.
FACE CAPS Face Caps 55 kg.
UW Underwear 55 kg.
HHR Light Housh.Rumm. 55 kg.
HHR/H Heavy Housh.Rumm. 55 kg.
V Lace Curtains 55 kg.
VELVET Velvet Curtains 55 kg.
B Blankets 55 kg.
HB Handbags 55 kg.