A second life for Dutch quality clothing

The Netherlands enjoys one of the highest standards of living in the world. So Dutch people of all ages are able to spend hundreds of millions of dollars on clothes every year.

Although the clothing bought is generally high qualitiy, much is quickly discarded in favour of new garments. The reuse of clothing and shoes is economically desirable as wel as helping to protect the environment and reduce energy consumption.

Wieland Textiles has been buying in quality used clothing and shoes on a massive scale since 1982. Everything is sorted by type, size and material, then sold on the global market at very attractive prices. In this way, countless people benefit from clothing and footwear in their second fase of life.

First class in second-hand clothing

With a dedicated staff of more then 55 Wieland Textiles professionaly prepares used clothing and footwear for resale. At our large premises, over 200 tonnes of clothes a week a sorted on the basis of type, size and quality

This intensive manual operation involves distinguishing between more than 300 types and grades of garment!

Anything wich doesn't meet our quality standards is sent for recycling at a closely associated specialist company that meets all environmental requirements.

Wieland Textiles enjoys the trust of trading partners around the world. because on price, quality and delivery times, Wieland delivers.

Optimum efficiency and communication

Everyone working at Wieland Textiles appreciates just how inportant rapid service is. Incoming garments are processed and prepared for dispatch with the utmost speed and efficiency. As well as being located close to Amsterdam International Airport with excellent road and shipping links. wieland has superb container transport facilities at its disposal. Add to this that efficient operational and administrative systems and hyper-modern telecommunications equipment and you have the package that suits all Wieland Textiles' partners so well.